Come in different configurations, sizes and types. Before you get one, it is crucial to know what makes a machine worth your investment. There are key qualities to look for before you take the plunge.

The paneer processing plant manufacturers must tirelessly work to meet your current and growing demands with its efficient capacity. Ensuring machines keep up with our needs is the first consideration.
The decision is not just about performance, but also the ease of maintenance and durability it carries with itself. High-quality materials are the secret to a long-lasting and easy-to-clean paneer making machine. The machine must be easy to be operated.
Look for a machine that delivers high-quality paneer and fast production.
Every machine must come equipped with safety features to protect workers and prevent accidents.
The paneer making machine must be available at cost-effective rate, within your budget.
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SM Engineering specializes in manufacturing paneer processing plant that helps to create the most relished, fresh dairy product.

Quality, efficiency and reliability, everything lies in the details that make our daily processing equipment a true investment. Established by Harshal Patel and Shani Rathod, SM Engineering has created a niche in the industry by manufacturing innovative, high-quality and top-notch dairy processing equipment and solutions including paneer making machines manufacturers in Ahmedabad and providing the same to satisfied clients.

At our company, we understand the fact that every customer is important to the success. Therefore, the team SM Engineering strives to provide quality-driven solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. The diary industry in India is booming. We strive to remain at the forefront and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Explore our products and services :

Milk processing plant with capacities from 500 LPH to 5000 LPH.
Dairy processing plant to process ghee, butter, paneer, etc.
Automated and semi-automatic Paneer processing plant for efficient production.
Cold storage systems to ensure dairy products stay at their best.
Milk cooking tanks with capacities from 500 liters to 10,000 liters for quality and freshness.

Paneer processing plant consists of various parts or equipments that work together to deliver fresh paneer :

Milk coagulation VAT that coverts milk from one state to other state.
Paneer press machine which gives paneer its shape.
Paneer cutting machine which cut it into standard pieces.
Paneer cooling system that plays a role in maintaining the quality of paneer with cooling.
Paneer pasteurizing system which keeps paneer pasteurized to prevent bacteria formation.

SM Engineering’s paneer processing plant is available in both variations, automated and semi-automatic. Our dairy processing equipments are manufactured as per standard regulations, using high-quality materials and advanced machinery by the team of experienced and qualified engineers. We only use high-quality stainless steels along with other materials to make sure every equipment symbolizes good durability and hygiene. We also offer prompt, tailored and comprehensive installation and commissioning support with respect to every equipment or project.

Our technically proficient staff is more than eager to help you with annual maintenance to ensure our equipments work for you tirelessly and unexpected downturn is prevented. Our project management service is also a crucial factor that helps us bring our vision to life. From installation to maintenance, we literally take care of everything. Our customer base includes dairy farms, small and medium-sized dairy processing units and milk cooperatives in India and abroad.


Are paneer making machines worth the investment?

Yes. With rising popularity of paneer throughout the world especially among people practicing a vegetarian diet, we have the largest market segments for paneer. Make sure to choose a reliable, top-notch and durable plant that gives you efficiency.

Why choose SM Engineering as paneer making plant manufacturers in Ahmedabad?

Quality equipments manufactured using high-quality stainless steel

Innovative approach

Cutting-edge technology

Competitive pricing

Prompt technical support including maintenance assistance

Apart from paneer making machines, what other dairy product processing plants are manufactured by SM Engineeing?

Milk processing plant, cheese processing plant, yogurt or lassi processing plant, and ghee processing plant. Elevate your business with our high-quality processing plants.

The following equipment is included in the paneer making equipment :
SS Plunger 2 Set
E.T.P Plant
Electrical Panel (Cable, Staters, Switches, Cable and Tray Lights )
RO Plant
Insulation of Pipeline & Fittings
Packing Material Store
Lab Equipment
Milk Crates
Milk Cans (SS/All)
Raw Milk Storage Tank
Steam Boiler 100Kg
Salient Features of Paneer equipment
The Paneer equipment has the following advantages
They are quite easy to operate
They have a rugged and sturdy design

Paneer Press

Paneer Hoops

Paneer Vat