Milk pasteurization machine manufacturers

SM Engineering is among the globally renowned and reliable milk pasteurization machine manufacturers, presenting an exceptional spectrum of milk pasteurizers with various production capacities as per the requirements of the dairy industry. The pasteurization of milk means heating milk at a specific temperature so that harmful microorganisms in milk are killed and is safe for consumption and can also be used for producing end products.

All our provided dairy processing plants are fabricated using superior quality raw materials to ensure the best quality solution as well as the highest hygiene level. With the help of our skilled and trained engineers, we can present nothing but the best pasteurization solution to all our esteemed clients.

Our dedicated team examines all the plants fabricated by us at various parameters to guarantee that all the solutions meet the latest industrial standards. In addition to that, we have a high-tech manufacturing unit well-outfitted with all the most recent technology and equipment to ensure improved quality products for every customer.

Milk pasteurizer machine manufacturers

Our offered milk pasteurizers include plants with different processing capacities, this assortment includes 500 LPH Milk Pasteurizer Plant, 1000 LPH Milk Pasteurizer, and 1000-5000 LPH Milk Pasteurization Plant.

Further, this range of pasteurizers offered by us is highly appreciated by our clients worldwide for their trouble-free functioning and their ability to retain the milk’s quality at every use. Thus, small to medium-scale dairy industries and dairy farmers can rely on our offered range of products for their pasteurization needs and get premium quality pasteurizers.

Moreover, being among the best milk pasteurizer machine manufacturers in India, we offer these pasteurizers in different production capacities to cater to the production requirements of small to large-scale dairy industries.

UHT Pasteurization

SM Engineering also caters to the UHT Pasteurization requirement to give a product a stable shelf life for a few months. The milk is held at 138°C for a couple of seconds. This method of pasteurization is employed by various commercial milk brands as it is affordable and fast.


Batch Milk Pasteurizer / Electric Milk Boiler

SM Engineering also provides batch milk pasteurizer or electric milk boiler, which is a temp-controlled system that pumps milk into the vat and heats it to the right temperature. It is kept at the same temperature for some time, and then cooled down; the milk gets pumped out of the vat and is ready to be packaged now. The machine is designed to make sure every process is carefully completed to achieve the goal – quality product.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Other milk pasteurization techniques facilitated by SM Engineering is Plate Heat Exchanger under which, the milk gets pumped from the raw milk tanks; it flows from a tank continuously through think plates and then heated up to specific temperature, to be cooled down later.



The milk undergoes a thorough pasteurization process. Under Thermization, milk is heated at certain temperatures for a few seconds; there is a remarkable difference between the temperatures set for heating milk between for Thermization and Pasteurization, and also the duration for which milk is heated. Thermization is an excellent way to extend the storage life of a milk product which is fermented because it inactivates microorganisms.

Looking for the top-notch milk pasteurization machine manufacturers in India?

SM Engineering is your one-stop solution. We specialize in providing milk processing plants, dairy processing plants, milk cooling tanks, Paneer Processing Plants (automated and semi-automatic), cold storage system, and project management support. We, at SM Engineering, primarily caters to milk cooperatives, dairy farmers, as well as small to medium-sized dairy processing units in India and other countries.

SM Engineering is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and capabilities. It has a massive team of experienced, skilled and dedicated who which make sure every product remains quality-driven, reliable and efficient to consumer. The cutting-edge technology we employ here helps us to enhance efficiency of our operations. If you need to know any technical details related to any product to invest in a product that caters to your exact needs, get in touch with our team SM Engineering.


What is a pasteurization?

It is one type of heat treatment employed to extend the product’s shelf life by killing harmful bacteria inside it. The method helps to save many parts of useful elements of the product. The process may not necessarily modify the nutritional value of milk.

Why SM Engineering for dairy processing equipments?

Recognition for quality systems

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Wide array of products for different purposes

Qualified and skilled team

Dedicated customer support

Customer-centric approach

In what cases do one may need to have a milk pasteurizer?

Those who run mini-farm or creamery, or produce various types of dairy products or make cheese and sell the same to the end user can consider partnering with the best milk pasteurization machine manufacturers whom they can rely on for quality systems, and comprehensive maintenance or repair assistance, if needed. Milk cooperatives and dairy processing units can find such investments highly beneficial in the long-run.