CIP System

SM Engineering Manufacturing & Recommends CIP System - cleaning in place for dairy process plant. Cleaning is must after processing certain hours or at end of processing milk in dairy plant, one must use bacteriological, chemical, sterile and physical cleaning.

CIP SYSTEM is an automated SYSTEM of cleaning the Inside surfaces of pipes, vessels, Machine, filters accessories and fittings without opening. Pre-rinsing with water to remove loose dirt, residue of product cleaning with detergent. Rinsing with clean water.

Why CIP System from SM Engineering :

Complete process line dry to start next cycle.
Sanities & bacteria free surface completely.
Remove residue of product.
Wash the surface
Rinse the surface.
Precision operation integrated system with automatic touch panel.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Proven design approved by Technologists & customer satisfaction of Dairy processing plants.
Complete CIP System manufactured with high quality food grade material, accessories and steel.
Customized as required for particular process and plant.

Product residue must remove from processing line, machines at end of each run :

Minimize loss of product
Ease the CIP process
Reduce load on ETP, saving cost