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The Dairy industry has a great responsibility of supplying clean, fresh, nutritious and delicious milk to people throughout India. No matter how fulfilling this task it may seem, it is labour-intensive and tiring job. However, with the right Dairy processing equipments, over 50 percent of the workload can be managed efficiently. This is where SM Engineering comes in with their high-performing and seamlessly designed dairy machinery, offering valuable assistance to your milking business.

Dairy plant manufacturers in India

Founded by Harshal Patel and Shani Rathod, SM Engineering is a leading and most trusted company in Ahmedabad. As the pioneer dairy plant manufacturers in India, we understand the pivotal role of Dairy processing in delivering quality products to consumers. From the moment the milk is sourced from the cows, right until it is delivered to the end users, a great deal of care has to be taken to ensure that the milk is not spoiled. Therefore, to prevent it from smelling or getting staled, the robust dairy machineries of SM Engineering can be of great help.

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Dairy Processing Equipment

Once the milk is received from cow farms, there are various steps involved in its Processing. These stages are Clarification of raw milk, Separation of all or part of the milk (for further processing into Butter, Curd or Cream), Pasteurisation, Homogenisation, Deodorisation, Packaging, Storage and Distribution. There is a meticulous duty at each level which can be eased with the help of our high-specification and advanced machinery. We assure you that by incorporating our Dairy machinery in your routine work will bring no difference in the taste of the milk, but would rather enhance the quality of the milk and productivity of your employees.

Being one of the most reputed Dairy Plant machinery manufacturers in India, we are constantly upgrading our machinery. Hence, our team of qualified Personnel, Engineers and Manufacturers strive to bring in the latest innovations and advanced Technology to the Dairy Plants. A constant upgrade not only helps us to keep up with the changing market demands, but also helps your business to process milk in reduced time, labour and costs.

Apart from being Dairy equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we also specialise in manufacturing and supplying Juice Plant equipment, Cold room, Refrigeration Plant, Dairy product processing equipment, Industrial chilling Plant, Milk cooling, Milk products heating solution, Transportation solutions and much more at reasonable rates.

Upgrade your Dairy operations & milk excellence for the benefit of your Business and Consumers!


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SM Engineering strarted by Technocrats with mission to serve with highly skilled Technical team to adopt best manufacturing practice, continued r&d. Coordinating team for customer success. Training, testing & experience practices at advance levels.

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SM Engineering desires to achive higher quality standard for manufacting liquid Food and Dairy equipments and projects, segment in indian manufacturers to make it globally known brand aiming to reach top at universe leval to make a brand.

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SM Engineering offers high quality equipments and supplies that can be used in numerous Milk Processing Plant, Juice Plant, Cold room, Refrigeration System, Food and Beverages equipments.

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