Butter Making Machine Butter Churner

Butter Making Machine Butter Churner

Butter is defined is a fat concentrate product obtained by churning. Cream, gathering fat into a compact mass and working it. Butter is made exclusively from milk or cream with or without common salt and colouring matter and contains not less than 80% fat. In butter, fat is present in continuous phase and water is present in dispersed phase. This phenomenon is known as phase inversion.

As milk enters the bowl at the top, it is distributed to the disks through a series of openings, having speed of approx. 6,000 to 8,000 rpm, the heavier skim milk is thrown to the outer edge of the bowl and led off through an opening.

The cream concentrates in the centre portion and moves to the cream outlet.

The most efficient separators leave less than 0.01 percent fat in the skim milk.

  • Butter Milk Making Machine / Curd Bilona / Curd Stirrer
  • Form ancient time we are consuming Butter / Makhan
  • The Method of Butter Making are different type
  • Deshi Method by Bilona / Stirrer dairies are making Butter by Manual / Hand Operated Process
  • Professional Dairy producers Processer are using electric Butter churner or Automatic online Butter Making Machine
  • Butter Churn capacity: 10 ltr -2000 ltr

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