Mini Dairy Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

The technology of milk processing has witnessed tremendous transformation and efficiency during recent years with the rise in number of top-notch mini dairy plant manufacturers offering systems and support that cater to small dairy or medium-sized dairy processing businesses for their needs. Here is your comprehensive guide to investing in the right mini dairy plant.

Milk processing plant processes different dairy products and offers customized solutions to businesses in dairy industries with proficient, reliable and efficient machines. If you are looking to set up the best mini dairy plant in India, you should take a few parameters into consideration.

  • Choose a trusted manufacturer that uses advanced technology and components of the greatest quality to manufacture products as per standard regulations. All products should have undergone rigorous and regulatory compliance testing to make sure they deliver impeccable results.
  • The products offered by the best manufacturer will always align with the customer requirements. From design, manufacturing to installation, every system should aim at producing different types of dairy products as per client’s requirements.
  • A leading manufacturer of milk processing plant will have a well-established team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who are working dedicatedly to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions that give businesses a real edge. It must have a research and development team to take care of how the product is ideated, designed and delivered and what role it plays in fulfilling consumers’ demands.
  • Make sure to choose a service which has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. The materials and steel used in manufacturing milk processing plan must be of supreme quality.

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SM Engineering – One Of The Leading Mini Dairy Plant Suppliers

SM Engineering’s mini dairy plant batch type can process up to 1000 liters of milk every day. We offer a electric milk boiler where the milk is pumped into the vat, heated at some temperature and then held at same temperature for it to cool down in to bulk milk cooler and then It is ready for packaging now in milk packing machine .

mini dairy plant

200 ,300 and 500 ltr/batch

A Batch/Vat pasteuriser is a temp-controlled, closed vat. The milk is pumped into the vat, heated to the appropriate temp. and held at same temp. For the fixed time and then cooled. The cooled milk is then pumped out of the vat, for packaging or product making. HIGH TEMP SHORT TIME (HTST)

List Of Machinary Part

  • Electric Batch Pasturizer
  • Milk Pump ,filter
  • Homogenizer
  • Plate type heat exchanger (PHE)
  • Milk cooling vat with refrigeration system
  • Cooling tawer with pump
300 ltr plan

300 lph Milk Pasturizer

S m engineering offer htst pasteurization of milk can process up to 1200 -1500 ltr per day. As a reliable Milk Dairy Plant manufacturer in Ahmedabad, SM Engineering prioritizes safety and efficiency, making this Milk Dairy Plant an excellent choice for startups and small-scale dairy operations. Whether you aim to produce fresh milk, yogurt, or other dairy products, our Milk Dairy Plant is designed to meet your production requirements while maintaining product integrity and safety..

SM Engineering boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced machinery and technology. They utilize high-quality stainless steel and other materials to ensure the durability and hygiene of their equipment. Additionally, they adopt cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency, optimize energy consumption, and offer innovative functionalities in their equipment.

The plant is equipped with modern technology and every facility, along with a team of highly skilled professionals to facilitate hygiene and quality in every step of milk processing. We provide end-to-end solution for dairy processing requirements. We have been a preferred choice for startups and small-scale dairy business especially due to the quality we adhere to and also safety and efficiency we prioritize. Our products include milk processing plants, dairy processing plants, milk cooling tanks, paneer or buttermilk processing plants, cold storage systems, and complete project management support.

SM Engineering is your trusted manufacturer specializing in offering quality dairy process equipments and systems, the real power of stainless steel and a great durability. We, at SM Engineering never compromise on quality, so you can focus on your craft, your core business. Connect with one of the best mini dairy plant manufacturers to explore more details.

List Of Machinary Above Plant

  • Machinery 500 Ltr Bulk Milk Cooler
  • 300 lph multipurpose online pasteurizer skid
  • Electric hot water generator 24 kw
  • Hot water pump
  • 5 tr refrigeration system
  • Homogenizer
  • 500 ltr milk storage tank
  • Pouch packing machine 1200 pph
  • Milk analyser
  • Pipe line
  • Paneer vat 150 ltr
  • Paneer hoops
  • Curd fermentation vat 300 ltr
  • Butter milk pump
  • Incubator cupboard type with refrigeration and heating
  • Cup sealing machine


You can unleash the potential of your small-scale dairy business with small dairy plant which is compact in size, easy to be installed with the support of our experienced and qualified professional staff and easy to be operated while it provides a great level of efficiency to your production process.

  • Quality products
  • Timely delivery
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt technical support
  • Research and development team
  • Consistent support

We serve as one-stop solution for all your needs as we also provide milk collection accessories such as strainer, cans plunger, SS milk buckets, SS milk collection tray, and measure sets.

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