Ice Bank Milk Tank Manufacturers in India

We offer high-quality Freon Based IBT Plant designed and manufactured to fit various industries including Dairy Industries, Water/Brine chilling plants, and many other food manufacturing industries. We manufacture a fully automatic ice bank tank to make quick functioning in mini dairy plants. Get the best IBT plant with high cooling capacity with the lowest power consumption.

The Ice Bank system is a technology based on storing cooling capacity at night and using it the following day to cool. At night when electricity is generated at a lower cost, chillers cool fluid and store it normally as chilled water or ice. During the daytime when electricity is more expensive the chiller is turned off and the stored capacity is used to meet the cooling load requirements. Lower temperatures at night allow refrigeration equipment to operate more efficiently than during the day, reducing energy consumption by Ice Bank Tank in Dairy. Less chiller capacity is required, which means lower initial capital equipment cost. Using off-peak electricity to store cooling energy reduces peak daytime power consumption, forestalling the need for additional expensive power plants.