3000 ltr Bulk milk cooler

Sr.No. Item Size / Capacity Quantity (Nos)

3000 ltr Bulk milk cooler

3000 LTR

Ineer : SS304 2 mm

rafrigaration jacket : SS304 leser weld pellow plate at bottom Insulation 60mm puff at side wall and bellow evoprator plate 90 mm

Outer : SS304 1.6 mm

Out let valve : 38mm

Agitator : 1 hp gear motor shape Horizontal cylinderical rafrigaration systeam 3 tr freon base 2 NOS refrigaration gas R-407 /R22 Electrical Panel with temperature indicator with temprature control auto on/ off refrigaration systeam and agitator.connecting power load three phase 7 kw