Cream Separator

Cream Separator

Cream Separator is machine used for separating and removing cream from whole milk; The separator consists of a centrifuge in the form of a rapidly revolving bowl containing a set of disks mounted on a spindle situated underneath the milk supply tank.

As milk enters the bowl at the top, it is distributed to the disks through a series of openings, having speed of approx. 6,000 to 8,000 rpm, the heavier skim milk is thrown to the outer edge of the bowl and led off through an opening.

The cream concentrates in the centre portion and moves to the cream outlet.

The most efficient separators leave less than 0.01 percent fat in the skim milk.

  • Available in Various Type & Size
  • Laboratory / Manual, Hand Operated / Semi-Automatic/ Automatic
  • Cream Separator are also uses ad Milk Clarifier
  • Cream Separator Available Size : 30 ltr to 30000 ltr
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